Marketing Through Geo-Fencing

Palm Desert, CA In a highly seasonal luxury town like Palm Springs, La Quinta or Palm Desert, high-end Realtors® usually enjoy brisk sales November to April. They used to spend thousands just to be in glossy magazines for a four to six month season.

Now they are reaching the elusive well-to-do and the visiting C-Level executives right on their mobile-phones just as the temperature drops below melting and the winds start cooling the desert.

How? They market through Geo-Fencing with


DAY First, we define the days as Thurs to Sunday.

TIME Then the time is restricted from 10a to 9p.

USER Then we define the users as those with over $150,000 annual income and over 40 years of age.

Then we target using Geo-Fencing.


We assembled a list of the top 20 five-star resorts including the Parker, Avalon, Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf Astoria and Las Palmas. We added also the top 25 restaurants like Sullivans Steak House, Pacifica Seafood and the Cork Tree. Then we added the two lounges at the private airports and the top 10 entertainment sites like the Purple Room.

Then we built this tiny ad and 160 characters that will scroll across our target's phone when they open a web browser or an app (like UberBlack)

The ad looks like this:

Marketing Realtors through Geo-Fencing

5★ Concierge Realty Desk. Realtor® Francis Pournelle offers black car tour, expertise and discretion. Powered by Big Block Realty BRE#02038059 Tap to book appt.

For a cost of just one of those glossy magazine ads, now the Realtor® has calls coming directly from their target customers.

If you're interested in your own Geo-Fencing campaign talk with Frank at 800-334-4500 or email

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