LEAKED: Secret Video of CellMotionAd

Las Vegas, NV The first online video example of CelMotionAds.com was leaked today.

CellMotionsAds are a unique mobile ad unit and delivery mechanism. Used for geo-targeted delivery of interactive and expandable windows via TELCO providers. This ad unit can penetrate casino, sporting events, pool areas and powder rooms. For instance, this promo idea targets the 20,000 visitors attending the Mayweather vs. McGregor | T-Mobile Arena on Saturday

The ad is unique because it stands in foreground of all web apps. Connects when user accesses mobile web. 160 Character Scroll along with 1/2" X 3/4" MOVING JPEG.

Available promotional executions also include male/female/age selects, geo-fencing to 100', SMS/TEXT platform response, Twilio data management, WATSON machine language learning and/or QR Code generation for coupon delivery and tracking.

Contact Frank Pournelle via frank@cellmotionads.com for a custom proposal or call 800-334-4500 for more information. A $500 discount via text at https://www.cellmotionads.com/contact

#cellmotion #cellmotionads

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